Normally over summer vacation, when local governments take lots of breaks, I buy about a dozen books of interest for review in lieu of meeting coverage for a local paper. The Cato Institute has proven a good source for many. This year, however, I was cheap. I went to the local library instead and bombed. Book after book spewed incredible inanity. I ended up buying some from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I only made it cover-to-cover with six of many, many.

Last night, I finally got around to reading Not Cool by Greg Gutfeld. The third excellent and by far the best book I have read by him, it is somewhat obscene, but very worthwhile. I don’t excuse Gutfeld for breaking the Third Commandment, but when he uses expletives deleted, they are anatomically correct and the optimal word choice. It is a blessing to read the thoughts of somebody who has not caved to pressures to tolerate, embrace, then celebrate evil. Last week, when Asheville City Council proclaimed September 21 International Peace Day, I wrote in my notes, “You have made peace with Satan.” Gutfeld, for one, has not made peace with ideologies and behaviors associated with the boy in red spandex, like bad logic, negligent thought processes, and intentional destruction. Gutfeld’s burst of sanity is a pleasure to read as he honestly nails things as they are.

I halfway regret my urge to highly recommend reading the truth about our culture when it is so dirty awful.