The folly of progressive policy is once again on display in New York City, where the man dubbed “Nanny Bloomberg” again seeks to impose a ridiculous ban on something he has deemed bad — big cups of soda. Since the mayor is an intelligent man, I have trouble accepting that he truly believes banning 16-ounce-plus sodas will somehow prevent people from becoming fat. Thus, I can reasonably conclude that this ban – like progressive policy in general – is more about control and expansion of state powers.

Restaurants, delis, movie theater and ballpark concessions would be affected, because they are regulated by the health department. Carts on sidewalks and in Central Park would also be included, but not vending machines or newsstands that serve only a smattering of fresh food items.

At fast-food chains, where sodas are often dispersed at self-serve fountains, restaurants would be required to hand out cup sizes of 16 ounces or less, regardless of whether a customer opts for a diet drink. But free refills — and additional drink purchases — would be allowed.

Rather than impose bans, the solution is to make people responsible for the impact of their health behavior through higher premiums for their health insurance.