Though it seems unlikely that a Texas governor could become president again any time soon, the latest National Review features a cover story from Kevin D. Williamson that sets the stage for the Lone Star State’s Rick Perry to make a play for the national stage.

Among the more interesting passages is the following:

[H]e swivels around excitedly in his desk chair, the cuffs of his trousers hiking up to reveal a pair of cowboy boots emblazoned “LIBERTY” and “FREEDOM.”

Perry loves federalism in principle, because it is a critical part of his understanding of the well-balanced American constitutional order — and also because he’s confident that if it comes down to competition among the states, Texas is going to come out on top. He has a firebrand’s style but a traditional conservative’s skepticism of ideology. Asked to describe his governing philosophy, he chuckles, “Don’t spend all the money.”

Perry recently offered some words of encouragement to North Carolina lawmakers pursuing medical malpractice reform, recording the message below for an Americans for Prosperity luncheon in Raleigh.