Held every January, National School Choice Week highlights educational options for children across our country. Every type of education provider is celebrated. Whether public school choice in the form of open enrollment, magnets, charter schools, or private schools, virtual schools, home schooling, it makes no difference.

National School Choice Week began in 2011 with 150 national events. In 2015, there were over 11,000 events, and now in 2016 there is a record breaking 16,140 events across the country.

Today at noon there will be a presentation at the John Locke Foundation. Darrell Allison, President of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, will speak and share his insight regarding the progress of school choice in our state.

If you want daily updates on this national celebration, go to National School Choice Week’s website, scroll down and click on the video. Yesterday began the daily postings.

The 2016 Tweet Up for National School Choice Week will be held on Thursday, and over five million people are expected to be involved.

Governor McCrory joined over thirty-two other Governors who issued official proclamations celebrating National School Choice week.

A trademark of National School Choice Week is the bright yellow, winter scarf. This past weekend brought the perfect weather for everyone to show support. You might even be so inclined to do the National School Choice Week Dance!