As Democrats gather here in the Queen City for their 2012 national convention, national polls show the race for president getting even tighter.

A new Elon Poll of 1,089 likely voters shows Republican challenger Mitt Romney with a 4 percent lead over Democratic President Barack Obama in North Carolina. Romney leads 47 percent to 43 percent in what has become a battleground state.

A Public Policy Polling survey shows the race in North Carolina tied at 48 percent apiece. gives Romney an average 2 percent lead in the major polls.

Nationally,’s average shows the race tied nationally at 46.4 percent apiece. Romney has been steadily increasing his share since the GOP convention in Tampa last week.

Romney is getting his post-convention bounce in the polls, which could last a couple more days. Then, Obama could get a bounce as he prepares for his nomination acceptance speech at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium.