You’ve probably already heard that Gov. Roy Cooper plans to sue legislative leaders over two of the proposed constitutional amendments that would go on the November ballot, but now comes news that the NAACP and Clean Air Carolina are

The four amendments that lawsuit is challenging are requiring voters to present photo ID, capping the state income tax rate at 7 percent, changing the way judicial vacancies are filled to limit the governor’s role, and taking away the governor’s power to appoint members to boards and commissions and give that power to the legislature. The NAACP would be expected to challenge, but Clean Air Carolina?

Clean Air Carolina is opposing changes to how judges are chosen to fill vacancies and how members to state boards and commissions are appointed because the changes will likely make the judiciary and state commission less impartial and more political, the lawsuit says.

Capping the income tax rate will limit Clean Air Carolina’s advocacy efforts for more state spending on clean air and climate issues, the lawsuit said.

Stay tuned, this will be very interesting.