Democrats who want to lead NC schools are critical of vouchers, charter schools,” is the headline of an article describing a meeting of the N.C. Caucus of Black School Board Members that included Democratic candidates for superintendent of public instruction.

Here are direct quotes from the candidates:

N.C. State assistant dean Michael Maher

“I have a huge problem with using public dollars for private entities.  Our state constitution calls for a public system of education not a taxpayer-funded private system.”
[Update: Maher says that he is not an opponent of charter schools, but he is uncomfortable with the rapid growth of charters in North Carolina.]

UNC Greensboro professor Jen Mangrum

“Charter schools are a place for families to escape. They’re white flight. They’re resegregating our schools all over again.”
“If we continue with the superintendent that we have and the General Assembly that we have, then we’re going to have more charters, more vouchers and more privatization.”

Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board member James Barrett

“Each and every one of our districts in the entire state should be getting $12,000 from the state. It should not be up to the local property taxpayers to make up that difference.”

Wake County school board member Keith Sutton

“It should not matter where a child is growing up, what zip code they live in. That shouldn’t determine whether they get a high-quality education.”
“The leadership of our General Assembly has failed to acknowledge that race and poverty have a direct impact on student outcome and student achievement.”

Education consultant Constance Lav Johnson

“I believe that police do a great job, they try their best. I’m concerned that they’re only trained for two weeks before they receive a gun. Our military, they’re trained for years, and I believe that the government is responsible for protecting our children.”

Former state Department of Public Instruction division director Amy Jablonski

“I am an out and proud gay woman running for statewide office in a state that has not protected my community in its own discrimination laws.”