Interested in NC history?  And really, who isn’t.  Many battles fought on NC soil determined the fate of freedom in the United States.  A decisive battle was fought on Kings Mountain in Cleveland County, some experts refer to this battle as the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

According to a NC History Project entry,

The Battle of Kings Mountain, fought in the fall of 1780, was a decisive victory by the American Patriots, and it recognized a shift in British power in the South. The Patriot army, along with several mountain militia men, attacked the Loyalist stronghold atop the King’s Mountain, and after several rounds of assaulting the British, hundreds of Loyalists surrendered. In addition to the death and capture of many British soldiers, the Battle of King’s Mountain proved an end to Major Patrick Ferguson and a deathly strike to Loyalist morale in the South.

Now you can celebrate the Battle of Kings Mountain with a specialized license plate.  Maybe.  Before the plates can be printed, the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles must receive 500 applications for the tags before Oct. 31. All it takes is $20 and an application. Contact Rep. Tim Moore, who sponsored the new plate at [email protected] or 919-733-4838 for more information. Or if you’re in Cleveland County, pick up an application at Kings Mountain City Hall, 101 W. Gold St., the Patrick Senior Center, Mauney Memorial Library, John H. Moss Lake Reservoir Office and the Kings Mountain Police Department.

And speaking of history, make plans now to witness a lively discussion between Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson – a living history event on October 20.