The Center for Education Reform (CER) released their annual Parent Power Index.

CER explains North Carolina’s ranking,

Despite a mediocre charter law, successful charter schools were created in the Tarheel State, but growth was slow and did not meet parental demand. The cap recently was removed, and parents are hoping now to see new charter schools popping-up. Additional barriers to running successful charter schools have been created, however, adding to the difficulty of opening new schools. In a bold move, new private scholarship programs afford parents new power. But the state still struggles with teacher quality and digital learning. School data are easy to access for parents and so is voting, but not enough is being done by lawmakers in the state to ensure parents have real power.

Indiana, Florida, Arizona, D.C., and Georgia took the top five spots in the Parent Power Index.

Interestingly, CER and the John Locke Foundation are on the same page.  Indiana, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia also topped the educational freedom ranking in the John Locke Foundation’s First in Freedom project.  (We exclude Washington, D.C.)  Moreover, North Carolina ranked 18th on our educational freedom index.