How dare she have a partially untucked shirt!  From Huffpost Education,

Parents of 12-year-old Danielle O’Neal are threatening to sue North Carolina’s Pamlico County Schools after their daughter was suspended for a partially untucked shirt.

The incident occurred earlier this month when Pamlico Middle School Principal Lisa Jackson spotted the seventh-grader in a school hallway with an untucked shirttail, after a schoolwide announcement that no more warnings would be issued for violations of the dress code. The policy states that “shirts and blouses are to be tucked into bottom wear at all times (PDF).

Her shirttail was a good four or five inches below her sweater all the way around,” Jackson told Compass News 360. “She’s a good kid, but my job is to make sure students follow our school’s Code of Conduct, which includes the dress code adopted by the Board of Education.”

It is time for the O’Neal family to consider a home, charter, or private school for Danielle.  As for the Pamlico County Board of Education, perhaps they should revisit their 681-page policy manual.

Update: Danielle O’Neal is a REPEAT OFFENDER!  According to WNCT, she was punished in April for forgetting to wear her belt to school.