Members of the North Carolina Association of Educators are gearing up for their November 4 “walk in” protest.

Here are a few proposed activities:

Classroom activities: Lessons will be taught in classes relating to history of puplic [sic] education, topics relating to state government, taxes funding for buildings, salaries, supplies, per student funding etc. Todd Montgomery has offered to provide music in cafeteria at lunch, (“Teach your Children”)

Outdoor and Indoor Displays: Tibetan-style flags and posters will be designed by staff and students with support Public Education themes and erected in front of the school visible to passing traffic.
RED ribbons displayed outside each staff/classroom along with letters/comments written by students/parents supporting public education and public school teachers/staff.

Students and volunteers involved: Students design and make stickers to be worn on Nov. 4.  Community voluteers [sic] will serve vanilla ice cream with RED strawberry topping to students and staff at lunch Nov. 4

Yup.  Your tax dollars are hard at work, supporting the agenda of special interest groups and indoctrinating our children.

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