The thing to remember about Gene Nichol’s latest News & Observer op-ed, “NC teachers being voluntarily exploited,” is that it is simply the latest in a sustained narrative designed to embarrass and discredit legislative leaders and Governor McCrory.  Where in his op-ed does he offer anything that may be construed as a policy recommendation?  Indeed, Nichol appears to have no interest in working with Republicans to advance sound public policy or even inform the legitimate debate about teacher compensation.

As such, I believe that the teachers mentioned in the article are being voluntary exploited – by Gene Nichol.

These teachers to be genuinely concerned about the well-being of North Carolina’s teaching profession and its public schools.  But rather than use their experiences as justification for state and local policy changes, Nichol is content to bellyache.

The teachers mentioned in Nichol’s piece should be furious that nowhere in the 1,000-word screed does he offer a substantive plan to improve their plight.

Nichol gets catharsis at the teachers’ expense.  That’s pathetic.