Many of the programs that support veterans in North Carolina are federally established and financed, but lawmakers have created state-based programs over the years to compliment the services offered by the federal government. In FY 2013, North Carolina received $7.3 billion in veteran related expenditures.  In fiscal year 2013-14 there were 23 State sponsored or supported programs for veterans that spent a total of $157.3 million.


Veteran programs fall into two major categories – veteran-only and veteran-targeted. There are eleven veteran-only programs, that is, programs where veterans and their families made up 100 percent of the participants. These programs spend around $54 million and served around 71,000 veterans. There are twelve veteran-targeted programs, whereby veteran status is required for eligibility but not all participants are veterans. These programs serve over 20,000 veterans and their families. As such, the $103 million expenditure for veteran-targeted programs is not spent solely on the veterans within these programs. Moreover, these programs do not reside in one area of state government, but are found in 10 state entities: the departments of Administration, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Public Instruction, Public Safety, and State Treasurer; the NC Community College System; the NC Housing Finance Agency; the University of North Carolina system; and the Wildlife Resources Commission.

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