In an article published on the N.C. Policy Watch website, a policy analyst with the N.C. Justice Center and N.C. Association of Educators super friend warns,

These budget proposals are a slap in the face those who came out on May 1, filling the streets of Raleigh to demand more adequate support for our schools. Clearly, legislative leaders weren’t happy with teachers’ decision to organize massive rallies in each of the past two years. But unless the General Assembly reverses course and starts listening to the state’s educators, teacher actions are likely to become more frequent and more disruptive in future years. Teachers are clearly fed up with not being provided the resources necessary to help their children succeed. This year’s budget proposals are only going to stoke that fire.

There is a split in the NCAE between those who want the organization to adopt hardcore union tactics and those who would prefer a measured approach.

I don’t think the threat of “more frequent and more disruptive” teacher actions will phase legislative leaders.  Compared to the 2018 walkout, this year’s protest was underwhelming.  And I believe that a more aggressive strategy, particularly one that disrupted multiple school days, would undermine support for the cause.