The N.C. Association of Educators admit that the May 1 teacher walkout was a failure, so they have launched a “Truth Tour.”  WNCT reports,

On Tuesday, the North Carolina Association of Educators held a press conference in front of South Central High School in Pitt County.

Educators from Pitt County alongside the North Carolina Association of Educators and other education advocates said they aren’t being heard even after the May 1st rally in Raleigh

Education leaders are on what they call a “Truth Tour”.

Did NCAE leaders really expect the Republican leadership in the General Assembly to listen to their concerns after they spent years demonizing them?  And they are still at it.

“The General Assembly is starving are starving our public schools right now,” said Jewel [sic]. Our school boards are having to go to there country commissions for additional resources just to supply the basics, the positions, maintenance needs teaching assistants to retain the educators that are here right now.”

At least the “Truth Tour” is not interrupting classroom instruction like the May 1 event did.  If the NCAE could conduct the “Truth Tour” after the conclusion of the traditional calendar school year, why couldn’t the teacher protest event also occur in mid-June?