Feeling testy about tax reform?  Want to bitch about the budget?  Seeing red over regulations?  Salivating over school choice?

Don’t just sit there. Contact your legislator. Let them know how you feel.

What’s the most effective way to let your voice be heard?

At a NCPLA meeting earlier this week NC House Speaker Pro Tempore, Skip Stam (R-Wake) offered suggestions to communicate with your legislator (embellished by me just a bit)  in order of effectiveness (least to most):

  1. Send a mass produced, scripted email (just block and copy something you got off the internet) to all members of the legislature.
  2. Send a personal email (in your own words) to your legislator, be sure to mention you are a constituent i.e. voter.
  3. Call your legislator at their legislative office, ditto on the voter thing.
  4. Visit your legislator at their legislative office while the General Assembly is in session and mention you live in their district.
  5. Personal visit during the legislative interim at their home or office; making an appointment is probably a good idea. Mention you’re a regular voter and live right around the corner.

Not sure who your legislator is?  No prob.   Just enter your address here and you’re ready to go.

Need the latest on the most important issues so you’ll know what you’re talking about when you contact your legislator? You can depend on Carolina Journal and right here at The Locker Room for the latest and most complete reporting on legislative and statewide news.

And finally, most of us readily voice concerns and complaints and legislators hear plenty of both!  What they don’t get so often is a thank you when they’ve done the right thing.  A well-deserved pat on the back will go a long way with your legislator and guarantee a more receptive ear the next time you have a complaint.