The NC Department of Public Instruction has been collecting student information since the late 1990s.  This summer, state education officials unveiled North Carolina’s newest student information system, PowerSchool.  PowerSchool replaces NC WISE, a data system that has been angering teachers statewide since 2004.

We do not have a list of data points that detail the information to be collected and included in PowerSchool, but some of the system’s support documents give us a few clues.  In addition to documenting demographic and student performance data, the following are also included:

1. Extracurricular activities

2. Student awards, including scholarships and scholarship amounts

3. Vaccinations, including the names of vaccines and dates administered

4. Medication information, which includes medication name, reason, dosage, measurement, RX number, frequency, and instructions

5. Student vehicle information, including make, model, year, color, license plate number, and parking space number