Henderson County sent out its monthly “E-Newsletter” with the usual nanny-state advice on how to stay warm and telling us to eat food only a king or somebody on food stamps can afford – for a healthy heart. It’s the usual butter’s good – butter’s bad – butter’s good kind of thing. But this is downright scary:

A medication POD is part of our Medical Counter Measures Plan. On January 26, the health department conducted a full scale exercise just to test this plan. In the exercise’s scenario, we needed to medicate all Henderson County citizens within 24 hours due to an anthrax exposure. As part of the exercise, our notification system and incident command was tested as well as the medication POD process. We are now waiting for an evaluation of the exercise with actions for improvement. The end result will be improved planning and capabilities for public health and our community partners.

All jurisdictions in the United States are required to plan, exercise, and train public health and emergency personnel for public health threats. The health department has plans in place to respond to communicable disease outbreaks and bioterrorism. For more information on public health preparedness planning, visit


The newsletter goes on to offer flu and rabies vaccines. I somehow expect government vaccines to have a little something to modify thought processes, to help with anger management to mitigate outrage against big government – or be hacked like all other sweeping government takeovers.