In Hendersonville, the county and city attorneys are going after the landlord of Alpine Woods Resort. The place has a bad reputation for, “lack of drinking water, sewage on the ground, the absence of central heat in the trailers, holes in the roof and mold and mildew.”

In addition:

Alpine Woods “has a general reputation among citizens . . . as a public nuisance . . . and as a place where numerous unlawful activities have taken place and where police services are regularly needed,” the lawsuit said. The park “has been operated in a such a manner as to make [it] indecent, disgraceful and intolerable to residents nearby.”

Loud parties, public urination, drug dealing, and brawling are a few of the other amenities listed. In Asheville, we would embrace and celebrate the diversity. In Hendersonville, they’re getting the courts to appoint a special master.