From Americans for Prosperity’s North Carolina chapter:

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina today launched radio advertisements attacking North Carolina’s incentives for film production. This effort is in answer to efforts at the General Assembly to reinstate the expiring incentive program, and create an alternate program within the State Department of Commerce.

“We are disappointed in the General Assembly’s latest move to create a new fund for film incentives within the Department of Commerce,” said Donald Bryson, North Carolina Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity. “The incentives would still be based on a production company’s tax burden.  All tax incentives prove is that companies are attracted to states with lower tax burdens. Instead of cutting checks for a special industry, North Carolina should lower taxes for all businesses.”

Bryson continued, “Under the current program and the proposed program, the state of North Carolina cuts a check to the film production company – so it is literal spending. If the government is spending money, it should be on a core function of government – like education or transportation. I don’t think anyone believes that Iron Man 3 or The Hunger Games were a core function of state government.”

The radio ads will run on stations in Greensboro, Raleigh and Wilmington.

Listen to the ad here.