Editors at Issues and Insights praise alternatives to the Drudge Report.

The unmistakable decline of the once mighty Drudge Report into a cesspool of liberal links had led to endless speculation about the reasons. Did Matt Drudge sell the site? Did he get co-opted? Did he just lose interest?

But the demise of Drudge also opened the market to other aggregator sites, at least one of which is a big improvement over the original.

Drudge’s appeal wasn’t just the unchanging Internet 1.0 design, or the fact that he linked to conservative news outlets. It was that he managed to uncover news that the corporate media ignored, often simply by linking to coverage by local, and often more honest, news stories. The site’s editors had a keen eye for quirky, offbeat stories. It was the go-to place, the first stop of the day, for anyone who wanted to know what story was buzzing.

But in the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, the site started to morph into something unrecognizable, and almost entirely useless. …

… It’s little wonder Drudge’s traffic has fallen off the table.

The good news is that Drudge’s demise has allowed a number of other aggregator sites to bloom.

Liberty Daily, Discern Report, Whatfnger, Off the Press, Citizen Free Press are all doing what Drudge used to do – highlighting news and views that the corrupt corporate media want to ignore, helping new voices find an audience, and making themselves indispensable. …

… But we find ourselves increasingly drawn to Citizen Free Press, which has taken Drudge to the next level and is almost entirely a long list of links.

Like the Drudge of old, its operator is something of a mystery. Unlike Drudge and the other aggregator sites, it carries no ads.

The site does, however, have an engaging mix of links to news and commentary from a wide range of sources, links to X posts and YouTube videos, and an uncanny ability to find stories that are genuinely amusing.