The graph atop this post shows daily new case counts of Covid-19 announced in North Carolina since January 1. Sharp-eyed readers can clearly see the new spike in cases from the “Delta” variant, which WRAL assured us is “Covid-19 on steroids” and which had Gov. Roy Cooper today announcing “We’re worried.”

Nevertheless, even with an uptick of new cases announced this week, here is how Covid numbers have changed just since May 14, when Cooper surprised himself and the rest of us by lifting nearly all of his personal and business restrictions:

  May 14 July 9 Change
New cases (7-day rolling average) 1,262.9 439.4 Down 65%
Hospitalizations (7-day rolling average) 950.3 394.7 Down 58%
Test percent positive (7-day rolling average) 4.1% 3.0% Down 27%

Out of curiosity, I wondered how Covid numbers have changed since January 8, Cooper’s first Covid-based Executive Order this year, when he kept in place a statewide curfew on people, kept closing some businesses early, kept tighter restrictions on alcohol sales and hours, and sought additional enforcement of the face mask order in addition to extending all of his other restrictions against private citizens and businesses.

This isn’t a look at Covid’s peak, as you can see. No, the virus continued to behave like a virus, a natural phenomenon not beholden to a human ruler and his antiscientific dictates. Did you know that not even one of Cooper’s twelve extensions or tightenings of his mask order against people — which was done under the promise it would actually reduce cases and virus transmission — not one happened with new case levels lower than they were when he first issued it? But here are those numbers:

  January 8 July 9 Change
New cases (7-day rolling average) 7,671.7 439.4 Down 94%
Hospitalizations (7-day rolling average) 3,754.9 394.7 Down 89%
Test percent positive (7-day rolling average) 11.8% 3.0% Down 75%

Reason Enough for a “State of Emergency” — or Cruelty to Kids?

Regardless, with his ongoing “State of Emergency” declaration, Cooper has left the door to reinstating tyranny open, and he continues to force schoolkids to breathe through pathogen-filled cloth all day. Very, very few other states’ governors are demanding such cruelty.

Here you can see Cooper’s island of tyranny:

An interactive version of that chart is viewable here.