Piedmont Triad Regional Council delegates overwhelmingly voted to build a new $4 million headquarters, over the objections of High Point City Council member Latimer Alexander:

“It’s a real disappointment, because I really, honestly believe that not every elected official with the 74 bodies knows what we did today, but they’re going to be dealing with it down the road,” Alexander said. “They said, ‘We’ve always had revenue in the past, and we’ll have it in the future.’ They said they’ve been working on this for a year-and-a-half and they can get into one building for economies of scale.”

Bit of an understatement on the vote, considering exactly one other delegate — Denton Mayor Scott Morris —voted with Alexander in opposition.

And who knew PTRC was primarily funded by —drum roll please —–the federal Department of Health and Human Services?

Alexander says changes are coming next year–whether through Obamacare or a Romney administration, so funding could be compromised. If that happens, member governments will balk at the added burden and “it will be a run for the door,” as he put it. With a nice new office and everything.