A new poll from Civitas Institute/Survey USA shows overwhelming support by North Carolina voters for requiring a photo I.D. to vote. Carolina Journal reports on the poll, which asked voters’ views on several possible constitutional amendments being considered by the General Assembly.

The most controversial proposed amendment, House Bill 1092, would require photo identification to vote in North Carolina elections. Sixty-nine percent of voters support the voter ID amendment, while 24 percent oppose it, and 7 percent are unsure.

The most recent law requiring voter ID in North Carolina was rejected by a federal appeals court.

“The preamble of the North Carolina Constitution states that its purpose is to preserve the liberties of North Carolinians,” Civitas President Donald Bryson said. “In that tradition, North Carolinians appear to show support for these amendments — including preserving the legitimacy of North Carolina elections by requiring identification at the ballot box.”

Read the survey results here.

So how does the process of amending our state constitution work? In this piece, our Becki Gray offers background and provides a list of amendments that are eligible for consideration.