It was a long time ago, but way back in 2008, the EPA issued strict new ozone standards.  That’s not good enough though for the Obama Administration.

Now the EPA has proposed even stricter ozone standards that will cost much more money for all of us.  You can learn more here from this AP story.  The American Petroleum Institute (API) made this statement on the proposed rules.

BTW: Notice how the AP writer waters down the point made by API about why there’s no scientific justification for the change.  In the article, it sounds as if it is just API’s opinion that there’s no scientific justification.  In fact, the API statement says:

“The action lacks scientific justification.  EPA acknowledges the newer studies on ozone ?do not materially change
any of the broad scientific conclusions regarding the health effects of
exposure.’  Given that conclusion, there is absolutely no basis for EPA to propose changing the ozone standards…