Have you ever heard a lamp crash in another room and walked in to see the cat sitting on the floor all nonchalant?

The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund is expected to help 21,000 North Carolinian families keep their homes. About three times as many NC households experienced foreclosure in 2010. Depending on a county’s designation, persons with mortgages may apply for $1000 a month at 0% interest for either two or three years. At the end of the loan term, the person holding the mortgage will resume making payments. If he stays in his house for ten years, then he will not have to pay anything back.

The funds are made available from the US Department of the Treasury’s “Hardest Hit Fund,” working through the NC Housing Finance Agency at the state level, which has delegated regional administrative authority to OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling.

Now, wipe your nose like Uncle Max and acknowledge that income, property, and sales taxes have not compromised anybody’s ability to make mortgage payments. (“For whom?” I hear you asking.) By transferring the responsibility of housing from a personal level to government, look how many jobs we’ve created for program administration! As the president suggests, all of us paying taxes should reach a little deeper into our pockets to buy more for The People, for The People may be buying our next home.