Eddie Scarry of the Federalist responds to the latest election-related complaint from a leading legacy media outlet.

I’m starting to wonder what’s wrong at The New York Times because the paper keeps telling the truth about some of my favorite topics.

First, it was the admission that Ron DeSantis is an exceptionally skilled public executive. Now the Times is breaking the emergency glass to alert its audience that local Republican officials are creating election systems to — wait for it — document potentially invalid votes!

They clearly don’t mean to excite avid readers like me, but we’ll take it. The Times website on Wednesday posted a nearly 30-minute-long video blowing the lid off of, as the paper called it, “the completely legal GOP plot to destroy American democracy.”

Having eagerly waited for someone of authority to explain in detail just how Republicans might end everything by stealing future elections, I was more than ready to watch something that might truly demonstrate the cynical means by which this could happen.

What reporter Johnny Harris ultimately came up with is that after the 2020 election, newly engaged Republicans at the micro-level started running for local offices that had long since been held by the laziest of politicians, or otherwise Democrats who knew just how important those positions really are: local secretaries of state, election board seats, precinct captains, and so on.

Those are the offices that control how votes are accepted, tallied, and organized. Mind you, all of the positions require the holders to be elected by the public. What’s that word again for “free and fair elections”? I can’t think of it right now, but Harris said it amounted to a “re-rigging” of the process.

Obviously, then, what’s so terrifying for people like Harris — he literally says in the video over and over again how “scared” this makes him — is that there is a strong new movement of formerly apathetic citizens now interested in ensuring that someone is closely eyeing the votes.