Incredible news release from Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers:

Sheriff Rogers has met with several groups regarding immigration both formally and informally. He has issued statements regarding his position on immigration matched with that of public safety. Some members representing the immigrant community have asked the Sheriff to tailor his license check points around the time children are released from school. The concern expressed is immigrant parents driving without a license fear being subject to arrest while attempting to pick up their child(ren) from school resulting in ICE notification.

Sheriff Rogers understands there are deportation concerns from the immigrant community and he sympathizes with the challenges faced in gaining citizenship. He also understands, he has a job to do to keep all citizens safe and that does not include telling officers to stop doing their jobs at certain times of the day because law breakers (e.g. driving without a license) may be on the road. The Sheriff expressed he will not waiver on this matter which to some has been interpreted as defensive and uninviting.

Personally speaking, I would appreciate it if the sheriff—and the police chief, for that matter—would “tailor their license checks” when I’m driving home from the bar in the evening after a couple (or three, or four) of cold ones. But we can’t have everything we want, contrary to the opinions of way too many.