Newsweek parachutes into North Carolina to keep an eye on North Carolina’s election–specifically speaking black voters’ access to the polls:

Jen Jones, Democracy North Carolina’s communications director, says thus far the biggest concern has been reports of three- and four-hour waits in Wake and Mecklenburg counties—home to the state’s biggest metropolitan areas around Raleigh and Charlotte—during the first few days of early voting. The group has not received any reports of individual voter intimidation from Trump-aligned poll monitors. Trump’s website asks users to volunteer as poll watchers, but Jones said her organization had not heard of the GOP training any observers who may have signed up. The state Republican Party did not respond to an inquiry from Newsweek.

“What we’re concerned about is…you have a people who are not involved with the political process until this election going to the polls and just standing there and watching. And that can be intimidating,” says Jones. She also noted that many polling locations in the state are subject to open carry gun laws: “You may have someone with a gun standing there watching you vote.”

Autrice Campbell Long, a middle-aged bank employee, didn’t have any problems while voting October 21 in Durham but said the rhetoric coming from Trump and his supporters made her a little nervous. If anything happens, “I think it’s going to be more on Election Day, I get that sense,” she said. “I plan to bring my mom and have her vote early as well, to avoid any drama that might occur.”

Hello—-am I the only one who remembers liberal political groups monitoring the polls to make sure the 2004 election wasn’t stolen—which by the way many still claim was stolen?