Lede in N&R’s Guilford County school board meeting write-up is the choice of a Lenovo tablet  to replace the Amplify tablet currently in use.

But keep reading:

In other business, Amos Quick, vice chairman of the board, asked that the board’s naming committee review school names, particularly Aycock Middle School.

The school, where most students enrolled are black, is named for segregationist governor Charles B. Aycock.

Aycock was North Carolina’s governor from 1901 to 1905. His legacy centers on his support of public education, pushing for better funding and for universal access while maintaining segregation. He was also a white supremacist, according to the Encyclopedia of North Carolina.

Officials at UNC-Greensboro voted last week to strip Aycock’s name from the school’s auditorium. The university’s auditorium is now temporarily referred to as UNCG Auditorium.

Worth noting there is also an Aycock Street in Greensboro. Hard to imagine that will stand the way things are going.