Victor Davis Hansen of the Hoover Institute writes in National Review Online today that Democrats, like other dinosaurs, are headed for the tar pits if they don’t evolve their outlook — like Republicans already have:

Sometime around the 1980s, the Right saw the demise of the Soviet Union as an opportunity to evolve beyond realpolitik to promote not just anti-Communism but grassroots democracy, coupled with free-market globalism from Eastern Europe to Latin America and Asia. In contrast, the hard Left stayed in its knee-jerk suspicion of the West and continued to give a pass to authoritarians from Cuba to Iran who professed socialism, thinking that the world was a static zero-sum game in which somebody’s gain spelled another’s loss ? oblivious that real wealth could be created by a change of mentality and technology and not mere exploitation.

Hear, hear. Six concluding admonitions to the Left are here.