Duke Energy has announced it won’t be announcing for awhile. It had expected to have a decision about where it would site its 45 miles of wires, but it needs more time. The plan was to keep Asheville green by burning up nice, generous folks in South Carolina and transmitting across the yards of caring, giving citizens along the route to clean and green Asheville. The roundabout solution was devised because Asheville rejected plans for an IMBY plant with less environmental degradation years ago. Perchance the wire monstrosity was but a ruse to force Ashevillians into conceding it was best for the planet to IMBY the plant. And we need more time for the penny to drop.

In the meantime, folks are using what they learned in essay-writing class: Cherry-pick facts to defend your thesis. I don’t know if these folks are NIYBY’s (Y is for Your) or tools of Duke trying to get Ashevillians to see the global advantage of an IMBY plant.