Guilford County’s district attorney will not file charges against former employees of the county animal shelter:

The investigation of the shelter, launched in July by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the DA, dug into allegations of animal cruelty, potential drug violations and financial misappropriation at the shelter.

“As far as the animal cruelty charges, there’s just no evidence to support any charges,” said Howard Neumann, the county’s assistant district attorney. “There’s no way to connect any specific act to any specific person out there.”

Three animal shelter employees—director Marsha Williams, her daughter Dana Williams-King and Marissa Studivent, a veterinary technician—were indicted on charges of animal cruelty by a Davidson County grand jury. The three were employees of the United Animal Coalition, which managed the shelters in Davidson and Guilford counties.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I hardly ever agree with N&R columnist Susan Ladd—but she’s right when she writes “if there is anything more sickening than what investigators found at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, it’s the fact that no one will be held accountable for those atrocities.