A Hillsborough area company is putting its money where its mouth is with a matching fund challenge to help provide food for those struggling in northern Orange. At stake is a potential of $40,000 for the charity Orange Congregations in Mission. Here’s the deal: The owner of Formal Wear Outlet has already donated $10,000 and will donate another $10,000 if OCIM can raise $20,000 on its own by the end of the year. For limited government conservatives who believe we as individuals should step up — rather than rely solely on the government for society’s social safety net– here is an opportunity. And if you choose not to donate to this effort, please consider doing something to help the charity of your choice. Conservatives must set the example with our actions. From the Herald-Sun:

It’s not the first time Formalwear Outlet has donated to OCIM and it won’t be the last, Sawyer said.

“They’re in the community and you know how they’re helping the community,” she said. “I think about them and their food bank because they help a lot of families, and I hate to think about people without a good meal.”

The twins and their father are hoping that their donation will inspire other people to donate money so that OCIM can earn another $10,000 from the store for a total of $40,000.

“I think that’s great way to motivate people, to get people to say, ‘What can I do to help,’” Sawyer said.