At least not yet, although the idea was floated at Monday night’s City Council meeting.

Mayor Bernita Sims “has indicated that she supports the idea of a renaming in honor of King, although no proposals involving specific streets have been put forth.” Several citizens spoke out against the idea:

“As a member of the medical community of High Point, the expenses you are going to put us under are outrageous,” he said. ”It’s going to cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to redo my licenses, redo my Medicare and my Medicaid billables. Every pharmacy, every dentist, every doctor that has any kind of Medicare or Medicaid aspect that they get their billables through, such as myself, will be affected by this.”

Sims said she’s sensitive to these concerns, as well as the potential impact on families for whom streets were originally named. She said this will be taken into account along with other information in how the council deals with this issue.

For the record, in 1994 East Kivette Drive was designated ““Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Drive.”