Over the last few weeks, the NC Association of Educators, the Wake Education Partnership, and other public school advocacy organizations have praised Wake County commissioners and school board members for increasing the local salary supplements for teachers, staff, and administrators this year.  The mainstream media interviewed teachers who could not contain their excitement over the pay raise.  In an interview with WTVD, Wake County teacher Dianne Jones said,

This is wonderful! We’re all so excited.  I feel like they appreciate the jobs that we do. They understand how long we work, the hours that we put in, and that we are professionals and that we deserve a salary much like a professional would get.

When asked how she is going to use that extra money, Jones replied,

Something special maybe or just to help pay a bill.

Well, a good friend of mine is an experienced and accomplished teacher in Wake County and she received her monthly paycheck today.  Her supplement increased by just over $18 a month, not enough to buy something special or pay a bill.

Ironically, those celebrating Wake County’s “generosity” also criticized the NC General Assembly for bonuses that would grant state employees $750 or an average of around $62 a month.

It’s possible that raise will be reflected in the November paycheck.  If so, I will write about it here.