None other than Maureen Dowd gives us a glimpse at an ungrateful President Obama…

Stories abound of big donors who stopped giving as much or working as hard because Obama never reached out, either with a Clinton-esque warm bath of attention or Romney-esque weekend love fests and Israeli-style jaunts; of celebrities who gave concerts for his campaigns and never received thank-you notes or even his full attention during the performance; of public servants upset because they knocked themselves out at the president’s request and never got a pat on the back; of V.I.P.’s disappointed to get pictures of themselves with the president with the customary signature withheld; of politicians disaffected by the president’s penchant for not letting members of Congress or local pols stand on stage with him when he’s speaking in their state (they often watch from the audience and sometimes have to lobby just to get a shout-out); of power brokers, local and national, who felt that the president insulted them by never seeking their advice or asking them to come to the White House or ride along in the limo for a schmooze.

Here at JLF we’ve offered suggestions for thank you notes in political and judicial circles.  Saying thank you is just nice manners.  You never know how it will pay off…or pay back.

Here’s a message for President Obama and others who might want to remember to show gratitude:

Treat people as you would like to be treated.  Karma’s only a bitch if you are.  ~Author Unknown