Rhino says:

If anyone gets credit for Trader Joe’s not coming to Greensboro, it is former Mayor Keith Holliday – and that may come back to bite him. Several of those on the other side involved in trying to get the property rezoned for Trader Joe’s have said that they don’t think it is appropriate for someone with an appointment to a state review board to be so politically active.

Biz Journal points to an email from a Friendly Avenue resident to Trader Joe’s chairman and CEO Dan Bane, who in turn made the politically rational determination that “the company does not ‘need to go where potential customers are picketing to keep us out.'”

Trader Joe’s or not, the commercial rezoning case is still scheduled to go before the City Council at its next meeting on March 18. Word is a protest petition is in the works, dramatically reducing the chances of approval. Should it be approved, however, it will be interesting to see if Trader Joe’s reverses course. Memories are awful short these days.