A few weeks back there were rumblings of a food and beverage tax in Mecklenburg County to help fund the Panther’s stadium upgrades.  Then the owner  came to the General Assembly asking for state funding to help update the stadium.  McCrory, who is in favor of corporate incentives, told the Panther’s ‘NO’ as did state legislators turn down the city’s plan to give the organization an additional $144 million.

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday that no state money would be available for the Carolina Panthers, complicating the team’s bid for public money to help upgrade Bank of America Stadium.

The team has asked the state for $62.5 million toward a planned $250 million stadium renovation.

“We don’t have the money in the state to address that issue,” McCrory told the Observer Monday. “I have never been actually asked for the $62 million, nor do we have it.”

I also encourage you to read the comments on this article.  I added my own two-cents worth and am looking forward to some criticism.   Amazing what people compare the Panthers to and what they think the state should pay for.  And just in case you didn’t know – the NFL is considered a non-profit.
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