If you’ve ever had a dog you know how much pure emotion they produce in you every time they look into your eyes or get caught snuggled up on the bed when they’re supposed to be on the floor. Well, the Leftist environmental movement has decided that dogs — and the poop they produce — are bad for the environment. Environmentalist Judith Lewis Wernit writes for the LA Times:

And the environmental problems actually start long before a dog even produces a waste stream.

My 55-pound pit bull, for instance, consumes about 500 pounds of meat a year, half of it lamb. The production of one pound of lamb, says the Environmental Working Group, releases 85 pounds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere , so just feeding my dog loads our warming planet with more than 21 tons of heat-trapping gases. Brenda and Robert Vales, in their controversial 2009 book “Time to Eat the Dog?” claim a dog’s ecological footprint is twice that of the average SUV.

As a conservative, I endorse making reasonable, wise decisions to ensure we don’t waste natural resources or pollute the air and water. But the important word here is “reasonable.” Saying that dogs are a problem to be addressed is nonsensical. My Tony and Johnny are family members, not problems to be addressed so that ultra-Leftists can feel good about themselves.