On Monday, a piece I wrote was published by Fox News. The piece covers hog farming, “environmental racism,” and a recent documentary being pushed by Hollywood actors.


  • “While opponents argue that the concentration of hog farming facilities in specific communities amounts to ‘environmental racism,’ it is essential to consider a more nuanced perspective that addresses the broader socioeconomic and regulatory dynamics at play.”
  • “Unlike the practice of ‘redlining,’ where the government deliberately segregated housing by refusing to insure mortgages near predominantly black neighborhoods, historical data analyzed by the Pork Council shows us that hog farms were not purposely set up in black communities.”
  • “Addressing environmental disparities associated with hog farming requires a holistic approach that considers the multifaceted nature of the problem. Focusing exclusively on “environmental racism” may hinder the development of comprehensive solutions, neglecting broader socioeconomic factors such as land-use policies, economic considerations, and historical development patterns.”

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