Even before the General Assembly passed North Carolina’s new Congressional and Legislative maps, they had already received their first lawsuit regarding new districts. There will be more redistricting lawsuits in the future. The Civitas Center for Public Integrity’s Andy Jackson reported how several partisan actors have been looking to influence the redistricting process and seed public testimony to prepare for these lawsuits.

The Center has compiled a list of the speakers at the 13 public hearings across the state that the General Assembly held for public comments, tracking the affiliations of those who provided public input.  While some individuals openly stated their affiliations, many speakers did not disclose their associations with various political parties, non-profit organizations, or other various political interest groups.

Of the 464 speakers at the 13 statewide redistricting hearings, 324 speakers were associated with an organization with a vested political interest.  The Civitas Center compiled this information via a combination of speakers disclosing their affiliations and research.

The list of speakers and their affiliations can be found here: Redistricting Committee Hearing Speakers Affiliations