As the 2024 presidential election countdown gets underway, voters are starting to identify which candidate to support going into what we know will be a momentous election.  

Recent findings from our latest Civitas Poll suggest North Carolina voters are already rather weary of the top 2024 presidential hopefuls.   

It’s clear that the North Carolina electorate is yearning for fresh leadership, with just over forty-six percent of likely voters expressing the desire for a candidate other than Joe Biden or Donald Trump to take the oath of office.  

This comes as awful news for President Joe Biden, with only 18% of poll respondents favoring his re-election, even fewer than the 20% who would prefer a different Democratic candidate.   

On the Republican side, approximately 29% of voters wish to see former President Donald Trump return to the Oval Office, 18% would rather have another Republican, and 8% want “someone from another party.” 

You can read the full results and findings from our most recent Civitas Poll here.  

Donald Bryson, CEO of the John Locke Foundation, expressed concern for the Democratic Party, saying: “I would be concerned about running Biden for president again if I were the Democratic Party… it is certainly abnormal to see support for an incumbent president so low, and a 58% job disapproval.” 

Joe Biden’s low favorability indicates that the current administration has some serious strategic adjustments to make, especially in battleground states like North Carolina that could prove pivotal in the 2024 election, along with states like Wisconsin and Nevada.  

In recent presidential contests, the results in North Carolina have been relatively close.  

In 2020, Donald Trump won the Tarheel State by about 74,000 votes out of more than 5.5 million cast. In 2016, Trump won the state by over 173,000 votes over 2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton.   

In 2024, North Carolina is poised to maintain its standing as the textbook example of a “purple” state. 

I am excited to see the role that North Carolina will play in this upcoming pivotal Presidential election.