Right now my pantry is stocked with more Clorox wipes than I could possibly use this year — or next. At least one of the containers has been there for about six months. I’ve also got a few extra rolls of paper towels. Come on, don’t deny that you’ve got some ‘extra’ stuff, too.

But deny is exactly what North Carolinians did when responding to High Point University pollsters. I’m having trouble believing these results.

Despite news reports of pandemic purchasing and supply shortages of some items, most North Carolinians said that they didn’t think they bought too much of nonperishable foods (77%), bottled water (75%), paper towels (74%), toilet paper (73%) disinfectant wipes and cleaning products (69%) or hand sanitizer (66%).

And I guess we haven’t eaten too many Krispy Kremes, either. To that point, the pollsters tried to get an idea of what we’ve been buying — besides Clorox wipes — during the pandemic.

The HPU Poll asked North Carolinians if they have made certain purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just over one-quarter (26%) said that they purchased work out equipment, in addition to a bicycle (15%), camping or hiking gear (14%), and water sport equipment (13%).

My personal follow-up question: Of those of you who bought work out equipment, how many of you used it for more than a week? D’oh.