This is a laugh-out-loud funny story….until it hits you that San Francisco Nanny-Staters are trying to shut down a a man’s livelihood because they don’t like the smell of bacon. The good news is that the restaurant’s supporters are organizing and fighting back to save the shop, which is called Bacon Bacon.

When Mr. Angelus applied for a permit from the city’s department of building inspection to operate Bacon Bacon, Mr. Gilkey filed a request asking the city’s planning commission to take a closer look because of the odor and other issues. He offered to help pay for an odor-abatement system, but Mr. Angelus declined because it was too expensive.

The back and forth delayed the planning commission’s decision on the matter, and in May, the health department shut down the restaurant because it was still without a permit. Sharon Young, a planner at the planning department, says it is unclear whether Mr. Angelus had been operating earlier without the right permits because there was some confusion around permit requirements and rules have changed since he first opened the business.


They fight it out in a California courtroom today.

Jeremy Paul, the permit-expediting consultant for Bacon Bacon’s owner, is practically salivating in anticipation of Thursday’s hearing. “It’s going to be a circus,” he says.

As Mr. Angelus stood outside Bacon Bacon on a recent Friday taping a video message encouraging people to attend the hearing, a man in a nearby bus shelter seemed to recognize him and raised his fist in the air in solidarity. “Fight the power! Fight ’em!” Mr. Angelus called out. “Bacon!”