Miami — like Charlotte — is looking to “market” itself with a catchy phrase and logo. Miami’s solution?

DWNTWN Miami. Yep, they dropped the Os — hence it is now creative. You really cannot make this stuff up. Where do these people come from?

Critics of the design worry it will project an image of Miami as a city of illiterates, and might also go over the heads of foreign tourists, leaving them unimpressed and confused.

But Miami Beach branding expert Mauricio Giammattei was optimistic most people would understand the new downtown logo, despite a couple of missing vowels.

”It took some getting used to, but it’s a smart logo,” said Giammattei, a principal of Cre8tiv Juice Brand Design. “You’re not asking a 70-year-old to move to downtown. You’re asking a 24-year-old to move to downtown.”

Oh, yes that’s better — functional illiterates then.