The Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting last week was kinda weird. As mentioned, the commissioners went into a long closed session and decided not to vote. They were going to consider selling surplus county property. Months ago, some dufus linked a code name dropped in association with the sale, with a company soliciting economic development incentives in the region. It was Deschutes Brewery. More credible reporters then ran with the lead and pretty much confirmed it. So, with the proposed sale, commission correspondents were wondering what went bad with Deschutes. Then, as soon as the vote was denied, another reporter discovered Deschutes was sending representatives to the area. The motive of the commissioners behind wanting to sell the land, at least according to some political channels, was to help make the county whole for a settlement in wrongful imprisonment lawsuits. The guys were clearly guilty, one of murder and the others of collusion, but their lawyers convinced the courts they had been subject to improper interrogation techniques. The decision about the payout, also, was made in closed session. It’s kinda sad, kinda suspicious, when all these weird-smelling, big-ticket items get decided behind closed doors.