I’ve got a buddy who does accounting work for the new Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company in downtown Greensboro. Back in September we ran the Retro 5k that started and ended at Gibbs Hundred, and afterward we drank a few beers and checked it out. Great place, and I was anxious for the official opening.

Turns out last night Gibbs Hundred had a packed house, only the crowd wasn’t there to drink craft brews on tap —they were there to discuss to discuss the two violent incidents over the weekend at South Elm and Lewis streets, one of which was shootout (involving a police officer) in which a man was killed.

This is problematic for Greensboro officials —Mayor Nancy Vaughan and City Council member Zack Matheny expressed their concern —-because Lewis Street is finally starting to develop, luring people to the far end of South Elm Street. Props to Gibbs Brewing for getting involved, but I know they’d rather have a packed house on a Monday evening for another reason –namely drinking good beer.