The N&R has some advice for the seven finalists for Greensboro’s city manager position, who are interviewing today at the O. Henry Hotel:

Break away from your handlers when your interview is done, put your confidentiality at risk and tour the town. You’ll see it’s a busy place — especially around the federal courthouse. Greensboro gets all the trials of former presidential candidates who use laundered money to hide their pregnant mistresses.

But that’s just for diversion. Greensboro’s main business is sports. You just missed the ACC baseball tournament, which broke attendance records. We’re also known for golf, swimming, figure skating and a little bit of basketball. You can always get a good seat. You’d love it here.

Speaking of the coliseum, you should be aware that its director works for the city manager, not the other way around. Sure, he runs a winning operation over there, but it’s a city operation under city supervision.

On that last note, I won’t suggest picking up a copy of the Rhino, where candidates will learn that Greensboro Coliseum director Matt Brown has a higher salary than the city manager.