Katherine Timpf of National Review Online bats back suggestions that the government should take action against ‘Saturday Night Live.”

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump fired off a tweet attacking Saturday Night Live for attacking him so much — even suggesting that it “can’t be legal” for the show to do so.

It’s true — SNL does make fun of Trump a lot. Like, a lot a lot. In fact, I agreed with Rob Schneider when he said that they’ve made fun of Trump so much that it makes it hard for a lot of the jokes to be funny, since “there’s no possible surprise.” I’d also imagine that it’s difficult for Trump to see himself getting made fun of so often — but suggesting that the show needs to be “tested in courts” because it “can’t be legal” is un-American and terrifying.

I mean, what is he even talking about? How could the show’s actions possibly be illegal? Even aside from the fact that SNL is definitely not a “news” show the way that Trump characterized it to be, this is the United States of America. In this country, our media and entertainment outlets have absolute freedom to make fun of authority figures as much as they want — and thank God that they do.

If you’re a huge Trump supporter, I could totally understand how the constant bashing of your favorite president might get to you. I could totally understand that you might share Trump’s frustration. But still, no matter how much you support him or his agenda, you should not support tweets like this one if our country’s freedoms mean anything to you.